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Oh the rain.

A fashion blog in this English ‘summer’ has become nigh on impossible. We seemed to have completely missed out the Spring/Summer12 season and gone straight to Autumn/Winter.

Yes, England now has a monsoon season which has stretched from June until the present day and prevented most from leaving their house – let alone write about one’s floaty, pastely summer wardrobe.

Rain coats, thermal socks, wellies and umbrellas. That has been my 2012 summer look, and that is depressing. The ever falling rain has quite literally dampened my soul and fashion spirit. Pun very much intended. Today is a fair day: grey skies with a small chance of rain so I am taking my chances and bringing out my flatforms, bought early in the summer and not yet worn for fear of their drowning! Flatforms = my new love, even if they do make me walk a bit like a geisha!

1. They go with everything. 2 They are mega on trend. 3. They are surprisingly comfortable. They do, however, come with a warning… Don’t get drunk while wearing them or you may will fall off of them! And that is NOT cool or graceful!

Flatforms: River Island, Trousers: ASOS, Shirt: M&S, Necklace: Lulu Guinness


full on pastel lust

Rain is not my friend. Wind is not my friend. The elements are keeping me prisoner in my winter wardrobe, when all I want to do is frolic in my Louis Vuitton/Jil Sander/Preen/Prada induced, sorbet coloured spring time one!

I am stuck in wardrobe-limbo waiting for the sun to shine so I can start wearing my deee-liciously saccharine colour palette.

Oh well I shall merely gaze and sigh in wonderment, and wait for the rain to stop..

Clockwise from top left brogues: Topshop, trousers: Tibi, shirt: H & M, dress: Vionnet, sunglasses: ASOS, blazer: French Connection, necklace: Tom Binns

dreaming in a sea of shoes.

I’m sure I am not the only female who finds themselves from time to time in what I like to call ‘shoe reverie.’ My most recent one involved an array of feet treats all of which I yearn for! The Acne ‘Alice’ shoes have been spotted bringing joy to the feet at fashion weeks the world over. I myself have indulged in the lemon Zara courts, with their on trend metal toe cap – oh hello bargain Louis Vuitton SS12! I also have my eyes, and heart, set on the swoonworthy pixelated beauties from Preen for Aldo Rise. Sigh, a girl can wish..

Lust away my friends. Lust away.

Clockwise from top left: Acne, Zara, Topshop Premium, Nicholas Kirkwood, Preen for Aldo Rise, ASOS

After some hard-ish graft, and more than a few needle related injuries, I have finally finished my Equipment-a-like crystal embellished shirt – and I am in love. Usually I don’t play favourites with my clothes, but I may have to make an exception with this shirt! It is SO beautiful (even if I do say so myself!!) I’m thinking of pairing it with black during the day to channel monochrome cool; and with a statement trouser for on trend evening wear. Hope you like it as much as I do!

love sophie xxx

All for the bargain price of £35 rather than £305

My shiny new shirt

The inspirational Equipment shirt

hello new shoes

I know I’m not the only girl in this world who would love a new pair of designer shoes, yet who has the budget of a student! Being presented with this predicament, I decided that I was not going to let my lack of cash hinder me in my quest for a pair of glittering, gleaming and gorgeous heels.

So taking inspiration from all that is wonderful about Thakoon’s mirrored mary-jane’s and Giuseppe Zanotti’s incredible sandals; and leaving the painful £700 price tag behind – I made my own pair.

Inspiration from Giuseppe Zanotti and Thakoon


Simply take:

– One pair of wedges, heels, or pumps of your choosing

– One Glue gun or some strong adhesive

– One pair of scissors

– About 5 to 10 old cd’s, I used my forgotten 90’s singles which had an ink design on them as if they’re foiled (like all rewritable CDs) the foil will go everywhere when you cut them up as I discovered on my first attempt!

and that’s it… just cut up your CDs into triangles, squares, polygons whatever you desire; and then arrange them on your shoes like a mosaic. After you have your desired look, glue your pieces of CD on to your shoes…





love sophie xxx