hello new shoes

by theglamourati

I know I’m not the only girl in this world who would love a new pair of designer shoes, yet who has the budget of a student! Being presented with this predicament, I decided that I was not going to let my lack of cash hinder me in my quest for a pair of glittering, gleaming and gorgeous heels.

So taking inspiration from all that is wonderful about Thakoon’s mirrored mary-jane’s and Giuseppe Zanotti’s incredible sandals; and leaving the painful £700 price tag behind – I made my own pair.

Inspiration from Giuseppe Zanotti and Thakoon


Simply take:

– One pair of wedges, heels, or pumps of your choosing

– One Glue gun or some strong adhesive

– One pair of scissors

– About 5 to 10 old cd’s, I used my forgotten 90’s singles which had an ink design on them as if they’re foiled (like all rewritable CDs) the foil will go everywhere when you cut them up as I discovered on my first attempt!

and that’s it… just cut up your CDs into triangles, squares, polygons whatever you desire; and then arrange them on your shoes like a mosaic. After you have your desired look, glue your pieces of CD on to your shoes…





love sophie xxx